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KTMG Limited is an integrated textile and apparel manufacturer listed on the Catalist board of the Singapore Exchange. With facilities in Malaysia and Cambodia, our Group contract manufactures apparel for retailers in the USA, UK, EU and Canada.


In 2019, the Group expanded upstream into the knitting, dyeing, finishing and printing of fabric with its own textile manufacturing facility in Malaysia.

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A one-stop value-added platform to customers from product origination, product execution to finalisation in an efficient and cost-effective manner

KTMG implements a co-creation business model where we are involved in product initiation, concept, design and manufacturing in close collaboration with our customers.


Under this business model, KTMG identifies and anticipates fashion trends, market direction and consumer preferences, then work with customers in raw material development, prototype making and finalising product specifications in preparation for manufacturing.


This has enabled KTMG to provide a one-stop value-added platform to our customers from product origination, execution to finalisation in an efficient and cost-effective manner; all in accordance with customers’ requirements.

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