Founded in Batu Pahat, Textile City of Malaysia, as an apparel manufacturer and exporter, KTM

To cater for accelerating growth, KTM expanded its operations and moved into a bigger manufacturing facility in Batu Pahat, Malaysia



KTM's revenue took a leap and grew to more than RM40.0 million in year 2003.

KTM proceeded its next stage of expansion by acquiring a plot of land of approximately14,000 sqm in Sri Gading, Batu Pahat to construct a new headquarter premise and production facility. 

KTM proceed to relocate into the newly completed headquarter and manufacturing facility at Kawasan Perindustrian Sri Gading, Batu Pahat.

The new premise had a built-up area of approximately 9,000 sqm and comprised KTM's head office and 10 production lines.




In a bid to explore opportunities beyond Malaysia, KTM began outsourcing the production of some apparel products to third-party contract manufacturer in Cambodia.


In the same year, KTM expanded its functions to provide design services to customers by introducing a co-creation business model.

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The outsourcing of production to the Cambodian factories have allowed KTM to recognise the potential opportunities of expanding its operations to Cambodia.


In 2011, KTM set up its first offshore facility, Moon Apparel (Cambodia) which can accommodate up to a total of eight production lines on a built-up area of over 3,000 sqm. The establishment of Moon Apparel (Cambodia) has allowed KTM to capitalise on the benefits of lower production costs in Cambodia.  


Building on the success of Moon Apparel (Cambodia), KTM set up its second facility, Callisto Apparel (Cambodia). This is a much bigger facility with the ability to accommodate up to a total of twenty-one production lines on a built-up area of over 11,000 sqm, which can accommodate a total of 800 workers.


KTM implemented the Euratex automated apparel hanger conveyor system into its sewing process to track and record every stage of production on a real time basis.

First half of year 2016, KTM's subsidiary, KTII ("Knit Textiles Integrated Industries") purchased two plots of land that is more than 21,000 sqm in Batu Pahat with the aim to set up a textile division in order to expand upstream into knitting, dyeing, finishing and printing of fabric.





Commence construction of the new textile facility under KTM's subsidiary, KTII.

Successful listing of KTMG Limited on the
Singapore Exchange (SGX)


Grand opening of textile division, KTII

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